Quick Cheque Features

Manage Key Information

Manage Key Infromation Icon Manage Key Information

Manage all your master information viz. Bank Accounts, Cheque Books & Parties better with Quick Cheque. Define once & use forever, eliminating the risk of error while entering.

Banks & Bank Accounts

Banks & Bank Accounts Icon Banks & Bank Accounts

Branch name, contact person, contact details etc can be easily captured & maintained.

Cheque Templates

Cheque Templates Icon Cheque Templates

Add and adjust cheque templates to suit your cheque leaf size or use one from the predefined list of over 80 cheque templates.

Cheque books

Cheque books Icon Cheque books

Record the start and the end numbers of the cheque book as well as the start date on which you started using the cheque book. Receive reminders before cheque book completion.


Parties Icon Parties

Have all your parties/payees maintained in Quick Cheque. Add once, use forever without having the fear of having mistakes or losing details.

Record Cheques and Bank Transactions

Record Cheques and Bank Transactions Icon Record Cheques and Bank Transactions

Record all bank transactions required for bank book management. Transactions such as current and post dated cheques, issuing multiple cheques to a party, copying cheques for easy data entry, stopping payments and cancelling cheques, can be recorded with ease with Quick Cheque.


Cheques Icon Cheques

Draft or issue single cheque to a party and let Quick Cheque keep a track of your bank balance, prompting you in case you go under.

Bulk Cheques

Bulk Cheques Icon Bulk Cheques

Draft or issue multiple cheques to a party. This feature is specially helpful when issuing post dated cheques towards a loan or house rental.

Bank Transactions

Bank Transactions Icon Bank Transactions

Record all the bank transactions such as direct cash deposits and withdrawals etc. to maintain the bank balance in the system.

Printing Payment & Receipt Vouchers

Printing Payment & Receipt Vouchers Icon Printing Payment & Receipt Vouchers

Print your company branded payment & receipt vouchers to have a manual paper trail with every transaction.

Stop Payment Letters

Stop Payment Letters Icon Stop Payment Letters

Generate Stop Payment letters to the bank on stopping the cheques.

Comprehensive Reporting & System Administration

System Administration IconSystem Administration

Quick Cheque provides you with all the report required to manage your day to day bank book maintenance. Whether it is the information for the cheques issued to one party or post dated cheques maturing today, it is just a click with Quick Cheque.


Reports Icon Reports

Reporting is a bliss with Quick Cheque. Comprehensive and elegant reporting on click of a button.

Database Backup

Database Backup Icon Database Backup

Keep your data safe without backup utility allowing you to take the backups from Quick Cheque. You can also enable an autobackup to take the backup automatically on a daily basis.

Users Administration

Users Administration Icon Users Administration

Create and maintain users for Quick Cheque allowing different users to have different privilages.