What is Quick Cheque?
Quick Cheque is a cheque printing and Bank book management software that is designed for small & mid-sized businesses as well as individuals. By using Quick Cheque, you can save time, eliminate errors in day to day cheque writing and potray a professional image of yourself and your company. Quick Cheque helps recording all bank and cash transactions, assisting you in reconcilling your bank books and cash books at the end of the day/month. To get an overview of the features, visit our features page.
Why would you need Quick Cheque?
Quick Cheque not only prints cheques, but also maintains the cheque and bank transactions, ensuring that you never lose a track of them. Anyone who uses bank cheques or needs to maintain their bank books require Quick Cheque as a one stop solution for all their cheque printing needs.
Does Quick Cheque work with multiple computers connected together?
Yes...!!! You can install Quick Cheque on multiple computers, and connect them together over a local area network (LAN) easily.
How much does Quick Cheque cost?
Quick Cheque comes in three editions: Free, Lite & Premium. The Free Editions is FREE for life as we want everyone to experience how much easier life can be with Quick Cheque. You can take a look at the full comparison between the three editions.
What kind of customer support do you offer?
For the FREE Edition, we offer an online forum where you can ask questions. For the Lite and the Premium editions, you will also get 1 year of unlimited email/phone support. We might start offering premium support packages for a fee in the future, but there will always remain a free online forum where you can ask questions. We also have an online support desk and tutorial videos to help you understand Quick Cheque better.
How does licensing work?
The licensing of Lite and Premium edition is per-computer. 1 license of the Lite or Premium edition allows you to run it on 1 computer at once. Licenses can be transfered to another computer as long as you uninstall the previous one. Re-installing Quick Cheque on the same computer with the same license is allowed. Please email or call us (+971 6 5447890) if you need help during the activation process.
What about future upgrades?
For major upgrades (eg. version 2.0 to 3.0), all customers who purchased within 1 year of the upgrade release will get it for free. After 1 year, you can choose whether or not to purchase future upgrades, offered at a discount. All minor upgrades (eg. version 2.0 to 2.1) are free forever for everyone.
How can I buy Quick Cheque?
You can buy Quick Cheque through an IT retailer near you or can contact us through email or telephone (+971 6 5447890) if you need help or require other payment methods. Once the payment is processed (usually with four hours), you will receive an email with your license key. Follow the instructions there to activate your copy of Quick Cheque and unlock the extra features.
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