Quick Cheque Advantages

User friendly software

The software is very easy to learn and use. New users can learn this software in less than ten minutes. Cheque can be printed in few clicks.

Gives professional image of the company

In handwritten cheques, chances of mistake/over writing are more. Printed cheques are neat and clean, no over writing, no mistakes. This gives a professional image of the company.

Automatically converts number to words

As you type the amount in numbers, the software automatically converts it to words. This becomes important when the cheque amount is big. This saves time as well mistakes.

Useful for issue multiple cheques (eg cheques for insurance, rent, staff salary etc)

Issuing multiple cheques consumes lot of time i.e. issuing cheques for Insurance premium, Rent, Staff Salary take lot of time. Quick Cheque gives you option to print multiple cheques with single command.

Gives reminder for postdated cheques

Quick Cheque gives email notification + dashboard display for PDC’s issued. Gives you enough time to manage your funds.

Print cheque in Arabic or English language

You can print cheques in Arabic, English & French language.

Works with your existing printer

Quick Cheque works with any printer. Use your existing printer to print cheques, no need to buy new printer.

Dashboard shows PDC cheque status, bank balance & cheques book status

Dashboard gives you quick view of PDC issued dates, Bank balance & leafs consumed/available in cheque book. This information is displayed in graphical format for quick view.

Choose currency

You get an option to print cheques in multiple currencies.

Cost effective i.e.No need to renew the license.

There is no renewal cost for license, once you buy it is yours for life. Economical!!!

I get 24x7 support

Although Quick Cheque is very stable and user friendly software. Still if you need any support, Quick Cheque team is available 24x7 to support you.